If you are like most people who are interested in personal growth and transformation, you understand that there is always Something More!  No matter where you are on your journey of life, a crawl turning into a walk turning into a run and a run turning into a soar, there is always something more you need to help get you to the next, best version of yourself.  You know there is something more to your life, more to your purpose and possibilities, more to your faith, and more for you to accomplish.


The Question

So, the question is why don’t you?  How do you move from feeling afraid to fearless, feeling stuck to being successful, from victim to victor, from surviving to thriving, from pain to power?  There is a way!


My Story

For years, I had those same questions.  I existed without really knowing who I was and the power that lies within me to get to the other side of pain, fear, self-doubt.  I lived without having a definite sense of purpose or a clear vision for my life.  I was filled with shame, guilt, and anger from my past and the paralyzing fear of never being good enough.  I lived routinely, kept on doing the same things the same way and pretty much got more of the same.


The Turnaround

My turnaround came when I realized that I was just surviving, not thriving in my life.  The truth is I had taken myself as far as I could have with all the tools and information I had at that time.  I had to discover how to have an intimate relationship with Jehovah, develop a new mindset, learn and apply proven life strategies and principles for living a successful life and achieved amazing results.   And my life has never been the same.


Choose Today

I believe that God created you on purpose for a purpose.  It would be my honor to walk with you and help you recognize, develop, and achieve God’s purpose in your life.  The life you want won’t happen overnight, but it can begin today!  Choose not to live another day as a repeat of yesterday.  When you choose to do something differently, you get to have something different and in the difference is something more.